"Everyday I wake up knowing that no matter how many lives I protect, no matter how many people call me a hero, someone even more powerful could change everything. - The Amazing Spider-Man 2
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Yep, worth all the trading in the world. She is by far the most overpowered Frame I have played. Her first ability makes 4 copies of her that do reduced damage. - I don’t think its reduced damage because I am doing 36-78k red crits with my Paris Prime, I have Multishot and these clones with me. I am shooting out 10 arrows that all do from 36k-78k damage. I am unstoppable.

Warframe Update 14

I really, really, hate Warframe at the moment. I was so excited for the new warframe Mirage and the sword and shield weapon to come out. I even had traded away some stuff to get enough Platinum to rush the crap out of Mirage after the initial 12 hour wait on her Helmet, Systems, and Chassis. When I logged in I found out I had to build a Hidden Message just to begin building Mirage, I had to wait 6 hours until I could begin hunting for parts (which I rushed like an idiot). Then afterwards I had to solve a riddle to get to her helmet (Olympus on Mars for people still trying to figure it out). Once you get her helmet, you must wait 12 hours for it to build before beginning the second part of the quest (I rushed her Helmet because I was impatient), where you need to go to Calypso, Saturn to get her Systems and now I have to wait another 12 hours just to get the Chassis and after that I will have to wait 3 DAYS, yes, 72 HOURS to be able to use her because I exhausted my platinum already. I understand that this is a F2P game, but do we seriously need to go through excruciating process just to get the new Warframe? I don’t have the $25 to shell out just to get her with real money (which is outrageous in its own right). Ugh, I have no choice but to bear through it. Sorry for the rant, but I was really excited for Update 14 and this killed all the hype I had left.

I forgot about the Sword and Shield. I need to research it in the Clan Dojo (which takes 3 days) just to get the Blueprint to build it and I am sure I will have to wait 12-24 hours after that just to get it. Oh well. Its F2P, I’ll just wait it out I guess. Sorry again for the rant.

Keep in mind that I loved Warframe up until this situation. I don’t mind the wait times at all, but how they changed it just to introduce their new Quest system bothers me because now we have to wait about 4 1/2 days for a warframe. I love a lot about U14, the Kubros, the UI, the Quest system is alright (except for Mirage quest). I kind of like how the planetary systems look now, they’re much cleaner but just harder to navigate in my opinion. There were bugs earlier, like randomly disconnecting from Warframe which seemed to be resolved. You can join a public match with more than 4 people which glitches some objectives. The log in screen has no exit screen so you need to exit out if you are logged in, or by using Task Manager. I hope those get ironed out soon.

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There is a very fine line between outright calling us ‘whiners’ and then realizing we get angry because we’re concerned for the integrity of the game. As founders, paying players, free players, new players, whatever you may be.

Yes, you people here on tumblr reblogging my posts in an attempt to insult me ARE white knighting DE for repeating the same bullshit they did with U13. No, it is NOT okay for them to do this without repercussions from the community.

You do not set a release date and then fail to meet it after countless previous delays, and most certainly after having already making this same mistake.

Think about that before you hit that reblog button and try defending them. Enough of enough.

- Diarist